These two kids were so much fun to photograph. The little girl is a total natural in front of the camera, and was adorned in clothing from her Grandma–how cute is she?! The little guy wasn’t so sure of the whole experience initially, but his daddy turned on some tunes and he was literally moving and grooving all over the place after that. Hilarious! “L” family, thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your darling kids. I loved our session and can’t wait for you to receive your gorgeous new products.







As promised, here are a few more pictures of this stunning couple. I really had so much fun with them. They have a really playful relationship and I think I could have taken more pics, only the cold sort of got the best of all of us. 🙂 So we went inside for some hot chocolate to warm up. It was the perfect way to end our session. S & J, I hope you enjoy your pictures. I’m so excited for you guys to embark on this crazy journey together. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!

I had the privilege of capturing these two on camera a few months before the Big Day. 🙂 The snow was falling, and we had a ton of fun walking around. I caught this one of them and had to post it. Stay tuned for a few more from this session. 🙂

This title actually makes me giggle a bit. You see, my son’s total role model in life, whom he adores more than anything else, is my daughter. And my daughter is a total princess — she eats, breathes, sleeps everything princess, baby, you get the picture. She *loves* to dress up like princesses. And my son, who loves to copy everything she does, also loves to dress up as a princess!

My husband had had enough, and we figured it was time for my little guy to get some dress up clothes of his own. So, here you are — what do you think?

I know this is a bit different than my regular blog posts — but I just had to do a blog posting about a friend of mine. She’s super crafty and very creative, and has her own Etsy shop (which you MUST check out!). Enjoy reading about Stefani! Since she lives in Florida I couldn’t photograph her goodies, so I had her send me her pics to post on here.

Make sure to read all the way through because she is giving my blog readers a discount!!! The code is at the bottom!


How did FashionableLore come about, and how long have you been at it? My etsy shop had been open for almost 1 year, but I would say I really go into more 8 months ago.

I see that you offer a lot of different types of products. Do you have a favorite? Hmmm it is tough to pick just one favorite, but I guess the new-ness of the Purple Linen Purse has me swooning.  And it is great for quick trips out with the kids, or a night out with the ladies…so that is always a plus!

Speaking of favorites, what’s your favorite food? That is a tough one…so many good foods out there 😉  I would have to say Cajun Shrimp Alfredo. We don’t have it often, but my hubby makes it with just the right kick…and I think the fact that my hubby makes it also puts it in the fav category, cause who doesn’t love a guy who cooks!?!?

What is something that everyone should know about you? I am super sarcastic.  Which can sometimes throw people if they aren’t used to tons of sarcasm.  But I always mean it in a funny way…never malicious.  I think it is the Jersey girl in me…lol

What are some things that you want to do in 2011, both in your profession and also personally? Professionally – I love trying new products, so this year I am looking forward to making new items inspired by suggestions of my fans (i like to post questions to my fan page to get a sense of what they are looking for in products/accessories) as for Personally – I hope to be able to continue to find balance with time spent with my kids/family and crafting/sewing/being creative.  Sometimes things get unbalanced, and that is all part of owning your own business, but this year I hope to find more of a balance and groove! (oh and losing weight would rock too!!!)

You are very creative. What inspires you? Lots of things. But when I am working I try to blend function with fun and flunky flair.  Like the reversible rag totes…you can hold so much in them and use them for anything. Gift bags, gym bags, purses, diaper bags, dance bags, toy bags…well you get the idea.  And they are reversible…so you can flip them around to match your mood or style of the day…and the pockets are always handy for your smaller stuff.

What types of tools do you use for your creations? Sewing machine, rotary cutting tool, cutting mat, scissors, needle and thread, buttons, rag scissors, fun handles (wooden and plastic), various glues, ribbons, alligator clips, fake flowers (and sometimes deconstructing the petals to make new looks), gems, ring blanks, felt, googly eyes….oh and FABRIC…tons of fun Fabrics…lol (oh and t-shirt stuff too)  I also try to upcycle old clothes, onesies, etc

What’s on your wishlist? More storage for all my fabric 😉 and while you are there throw in more fabric…lol

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? That trying something new is never a failure.  It’s an adventure and even if it doesn’t work in the end, you will learn from it and grow and make it better the next time. (mostly in relation to patterns, but i feel it applies to a lot more)

What advice would you give to others who are thinking of venturing into starting their own business? Think it through, how much time are you willing to spend each week on it? Are you prepared for late nights if something comes up? And what kind of budget do you have to work with before you MUST have income?  Also do you expect instant success or are you in it for the long haul and ready to celebrate the little victories along the way?

Other info:
Etsy Shop – http://www.fashionablelore.etsy.com
Fan Page – http://www.facebook.com/fashionablelore (fans get sneak peeks, give aways and the opportunity to place custom orders before items go in my shop)
Coupon for Blog Followers – JULES10 – good for 10% off orders from Feb 15th – 18th. This includes custom orders, just drop me a note through etsy and I will set up your custom listing and reply with the link.  You use the code at check out, so Listings reflect the full price.

I’m really spoiled by having two of the greatest kids on earth. I mean that with all sincerity, too. My kids are my heart. Love these two. Anyway, I’d had this vision for a session with the two of them for awhile and in between colds and ear infections I decided to give it a whirl. I’m still editing more from the session, but here’s a few of my favorites.

“Brody, can you give your sister a kiss?”

and, this one is probably my favorite … love, love, love this one.


I hope you all have a spectacular Valentine’s Day and are able to share it with the ones you love. Cheers!